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      • Sales Tax Report

        Find your taxes report by going to your Shopify admin site.       From the menu select "Analytics", "Reports" and "Taxes" - See image below for reference:       Select the date range and then "export" both located on the top right corner - see image ...
      • How to Reassign a batch of items to a different consignor

        Did you accidentally list an entire batch under another consignor? To relist a batch of items to another consignor, follow the steps below: 1. A. Go to Incoming Inventory. B. Click the vertical ellipsis to the right of the batch. C. Select Reassign ...
      • Shopify POS General Setup

        Getting Started with Shopify POS Classic Shopify POS allows you to sell your products in person right from your iOS or Android devices. It will allow you to track your orders, inventory, and other sales channels all from the app. Setting Up Shopify ...
      • Contact Shopify Directly

        If you would like to contact Shopify directly to get a Shopify specific question answered you may do so by visiting their contact support page: When there, you can have the option to choose to speak ...
      • Tag Products from Your Social Media Pages

        Tagging items on your social media sites allows your customers to select said tags and shop faster for the items that they are interested in purchasing! To view some specific social media sites that you can tag your items on, see below.  Facebook To ...