Consignor Account Setup

Consignor Account Setup

Inviting Consignors

Consignors are individuals in your store that send you items for you to sell on your store. To an invite someone to become a consignor for you store, you can do so through a multitude of methods; 

Method 1 - Invite Consignor: The store choses to invite a consignor and have that consignor create an account. This is accomplished by navigating to Consignors and selecting the Invite Consignor button. 
    1. Step 1: Navigate to the Consignors tab
    2. Step 2: Select the Invite Consignor button
    3. Step 3: Enter the email provided by the consignor and select Submit
    4. Step 4: The consignor will receive an email to create their account with a password they so choose
Note: Occasionally the email does not get to the consignor but goes to spam.

Method 2Create Consignor: The store choses to create the consignor with a generic PW which they can then chose to email to the consignor at later date with specific instructions which includes selecting the “Forgot Password” link which sends the consignor an email.

Note: This is typically the choice a store makes if they are not looking to have consignor’s login. Or if at a later date they want to message the consignor a certain way.

    1. Step 1: Navigate to the Consignors tab
    2. Step 2: Select the Create Consignor button
    3. Step 3: Complete the fields on the consignor entry form

Consignor Login Issues

Consignor Forgot Password
  1. Step 1: From the store's login page, the consignor will select the Forgot Password button 
  2. Step 2: You will then be prompted to enter in the email address you want the store to send the password reset email to, please ensure that the email is correct otherwise you will get an "invalid email address" message
  3. Step 3: The consignor will open the email that they received and can click the link to reset their password
  4. Step 4: The consignor will now be able to sign in with their new set of credentials

Note: Sometimes the email link for the Forgot Password process does not work.  The consignor either does receive the email or clicks the link after it has already expired (lasts 1 hour).  If this happens instruct the store to provide them with the generic PW to login (see resolve consignor login).

User Account Reset Method

The store may need to update User (Consignor, Employee, Store Owner) information and roles. To do this, they would navigate to Administration and Users. The primary need for most stores is to resolve any issues that may arise with entry of incorrect email addresses that preclude consignors from logging in the first time.  Or if they are not able to get to the forgot password invite link.

To fix their login do the following:

  1. Step 1: Navigate to the Administration menu and select Users
  2. Step 2: Type the first part of the name or email address in the search box for the user that needs to be updated.
  3. Step 3: Remove the email address from both the email and the UserID fields and then re-type in both making sure they are accurate.  Then under the Password fields enter a generic temporary password that you can use for all consignors for the store.  Something like 1234storename replacing the “storename” with the name of your store or a shortened version of it.  Do not check the “Set Random Password” box. 
  4. Step 4: Send an email to that customer with the application login link and explain to them to login with their email and the include temporary password.  When they first login it will prompt them to change their password to whatever they want.  Remind them to write it down.  They will see the following screens.

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