Expiration Date (For unsold items you would like to expire from your inventory)

Expiration Date (For unsold items you would like to expire from your inventory)

The Expiration Date section allows you to choose whether you would like your items to be expired based upon, 
b. the date that they were created. 
c. the date that they were uploaded to Shopify. 

When you are listing an item, you will choose between two options: 
a. Save for Later. or 
b. Create Item.

Selecting the Save for Later option will put the item in a draft state that will save the information you’ve entered. 
Additionally, this will give the item a Create Date to signify that the item was created on that specified date. If your Expiration Date setting is set to Create Date, then the item Expiration Date will be calculated from the Create Date that was assigned to it when you saved it for later.

Items can also be assigned the Uploaded Date. This date is assigned to the item when you select the Create Item button upon item entry, if selected, it will receive an Upload Date and publish the item to your Shopify storefront. If the item did not originally have a create date, then it will populate the Create Date and the Upload Date with the same date.

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