How can I edit/change my email address and company name?

How can I edit/change my email address and company name?

Changing your company email address and company information can be done through the Store Settings tab under the Admin menu section. The store settings have all the general information regarding your store including your company name, email, phone number, and address. Fill in the Email Address field and the Company Name field with the preferred company information you’d like to have there and once you’re ready you can select the blue Save Changes button at the bottom right corner.

Click Store Settings in the Admin Menu in the left control panel.  

Click “Company Info”. 


General Info 

a.     Enter/edit your Company Name. 

b.     Enter/edit your Email Address. 

c.      Enter/edit your Phone Number.   


d.     From the drop-down box, select the country where your store is based. 

e.     Enter your street address. 

f.      Enter the city where your store is based.  

g.     From the drop-down box, select the state/province where your store is based.  

h.     From the drop-down box, select the currency that your products will be sold in. 

i.     From the drop-down box, select the metric that your items will be weighed in.  

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