Incoming Inventory - How to Add Items to Your Store

Incoming Inventory - How to Add Items to Your Store

This is to add items to your store. This information is what will appear on your Shopify store and across all online sales channels.

To add items (inventory) to your store, click + Create New Inventory in the top right. 

1. Select Account – Select the consignor that the inventory belongs to. 

2. Type – How will the inventory arrive in your store? 
Select how the inventory will arrive in your store from the drop-down box. 
- (FedEx [Prepaid], Local pick-up, Drop Off)

3. *If you are creating a batch with more than one consignor, click the Multi-Consignor tab on the bottom left of the popup. 

4. Click Issue Label
*If using inbound shipping. Where it’s coming from and where it’s going to

Can be used to print the label and add to the batch. 
To view and print the label,

a. Click View Label in the top right corner. 
b. A popup will appear with your label. Click Print Label in the bottom right corner to print the label.

In the top left corner, you will see … 

From – The consignor that the inventory belongs to.
Deduction – 
Status – How the inventory will/has arrived at your store.
Tracking – The tracking number is the phone number for the consignor that is tied to the batch. This information is entered when the consignor’s account is initially created. 

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