Consignor Payouts and Settings

Consignor Payouts and Settings

From the consignor dashboard, you will be able to:
1. See detailed information about live items for each consignor.
2. View Paid and Unpaid Disbursements and See All Transactions.
3. Apply any fees (for example, batch fee, authentication fee, booth rental, etc.)
4. Make Payouts on select or all items.
5. View and Adjust Store Credit. 

You can add different fees according to what your policies are regarding fees for your consignors or for each item individually. Initially, the store comes set up with three initial fees.

These are:
a. The Buyers fee
b. The Batch fee
c. Sellers fee

By default these fees are turned off. To learn how to activate them, click here. You are not required to use these pre-made surcharges, however, they are available if you would like to take advantage of them. 


You can view items, print tags, and Mark items as Sold or Expired.

To make a payout to a consignor, 
a. Find the consignor you would like to payout by entering their name in the Search box. Press enter.
b. Expand Items to see an itemized list of all outstanding payments.
c. If you would like to payout all sold items, check the box next to the consigner’s name.
d. If you would like to payout according to specific criteria such as item, date sold, etc. click the items that you would like to payout. 
e. The Total Payout will appear below the Payout Fillers section. 
f. To make a payment to the consignor, click Run Payout in the top right corner. 
g. A popup will appear. Select the Payment Method.  

Payout Filters
Payout filters allow you to search for your consignor payouts that you’ve already issued or have yet to issue and only show the certain criteria you set it to. You can search by the type of payout methods that are offered, or through a date range. Once you enter your search criteria and select the Sort button at the bottom, you’ll be shown all your consignor payouts that match what you filtered it by. 

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