Shopify POS General Setup

Shopify POS General Setup

Getting Started with Shopify POS Classic

Shopify POS allows you to sell your products in person right from your iOS or Android devices. It will allow you to track your orders, inventory, and other sales channels all from the app.

Setting Up Shopify POS

      1.     Configure Basic Admin Settings

a.       Complete initial setup (Enter basic information regarding your store)

b.       Know where to manage your account settings

c.     Add Staffing Accounts

      2.     Download the Shopify POS App

a.       Found on your device’s respective app store, you can read up on what the Shopify POS app's benefits and features here as well

      3.     Add/Organize your products and items within the Resale Global software

a.       Within the Resale Global software, you can enter your inventory by following these steps:

                                                              i.      Visit

1.       Log in with the same username and password that was used to register your account

                                                             ii.      On the left, Click on Incoming Inventory

                                                           iii.      Click ‘Create New Inventory’ or select a batch of items that is already been created

                                                           iv.      On the ‘Actions’ button, click the button and press ‘Received Items’

                                                            v.     From there, you may add all your items by filling out all the necessary fields

      4.       Configure your Taxes

Having sales taxes is a very important part of your Shopify store, there are many important aspects to factor in when implementing sales taxes.

a.       Charge taxes based on your physical location

b.       Keep track of your taxes

For more information on Shopify and their Sales Tax implementation please refer to this article:

      5.       Make sure your customers can pay you

Customers need a safe and secure method to pay you for the items that they want to purchase. Shopify offers its users a payment provider and it can support third-party payment providers.


      6.     Order/Set Up your POS Hardware

Making sure you get the necessary equipment to meet your point-of-sale needs is a crucial step to getting your store up and running. Shopify offers many different plans that will support different pieces of hardware:

·       All monthly plans allow for credit card payments with your iPhone or iPad using a card reader

·       Higher Shopify plans will allow for more technology such as; cash registers or receipt printers

To set up your POS Hardware:

1.       Plan out what hardware you are going to need

o   You do not want to spend money on unnecessary hardware

2.       Find out where you can purchase your hardware

o   There are some country restrictions on some hardware that Shopify offers

3.       Configure your Wi-Fi network so your hardware can connect to Shopify

4.       Install your hardware

      7.     Place some test orders

Creating test orders can ensure that everything is working properly when it comes time to take payment from your customers. You can test these types of transactions:

·       Partial Payments

·       Refunds

·       Marking orders as ‘Fulfilled’

·       Updating Orders

      8.     Promote your store online

Once your store is ready to open, promoting your store to the public is the last piece of the puzzle! Shopify has many guidelines and blogs to help you get started on promoting your site: 

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