Shopify Store Credit and Gift Cards

Shopify Store Credit and Gift Cards

Store Credit is used more on the Point-of-Sale side of Shopify when customers are purchasing their items in store. It can be set up as a payment option and customers can spend however much they have in their account balance in Aravenda. 

Store Credit at Point-of-Sale

To set up store credit within the point of sale side of your Shopify, follow these instructions: 

  1. From Shopify POS, tap ≡ > Settings > Payment settings.
  2. Under Custom Payment Types, tap Add custom payment type.
  3. Type a payment type name into the box (ie. In Store Credit), and tap Save.
    1. If the "In Store Credit" option is already there, you can simply select it
  4. Tap the toggle to activate or deactivate the custom payment type and you should be able to use the "In Store Credit" option at checkout. 

Once you check out a customer you can add them as a customer to the order in the "Add Customer" tile and they will be able to use store credit that they have in their account on Aravenda. If you are unable to find your consignor's Shopify customer account when you are adding them in as a customer during checkout, then there could be an issue within their account that is not allowing them to sync their profile information from Aravenda to Shopify. 

  1. This is mostly due to a mismatch with the email address, phone number, or name of the Consignor, one side could have the incorrect data within them. In this case, all that would need to be done is just correct the Shopify customer account to make it reflect the correct informtaion that is on Aravenda so it will sync with the correct customer/consignor account. 

This article on Shopify's help center can provide more information on how to do so: 

Store Credit Online

If you'd like your customers to have the option to use store credit when they are shopping online, then you would need to issue them a Gift Card for them to use and the funds would need to be taken out of their Aravenda account balance. To issue them a gift card, you can do so through the following instructions:

  1. Go to Products > Gift cards > Issue gift card in the Shopify admin menu.
  2. Type in the value of the gift card.
  3. In Find or create a customer, type in the customer’s email address.
  4. (Optional) Go to the Set expiration date section and set an expiry date.
  5. Click Save and the gift card will be sent to the customer.

You will additionally need to make sure this store credit amount is taken out of the customers Aravenda account if they are a consignor and they already have an account balance. You can do so by the following steps: 

  1. From your Aravenda account, navigate to the Consignors tab 
  2. Search for the consignor/customer and select the Actions button
  3. Select the View Details option and navigate to the Account Summary tab
  4. Select the Adjust Credit button, enter the the store credit value you would like to withdraw from their account in the Value field (Ex. $-25 - This will subtract 25 dollars from their account) and select Apply
    1. Write a note as to what the credit adjustment to their account is for, you may put that it is being subtracted for an "Online Store Gift Card"
  5. Their account balance will then reflect the amount that was taken out of their account for the gift card and your customer/consignor will then be able to use their gift card online using their account balance. 

Additionally, if they are not a consignor on Aravenda and do not have an account balance, then they would need to purchase a gift card from your website that you would need to set up. Shopify has an article on how to do so and you can look more into this here: 

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