Sign In and Customization of your Account

Sign In and Customization of your Account

Signing into your Aravenda account is as easy as 1-2-3!

By going to the Aravenda site: - You can then log in with your email and password that you had used when you first registered with Aravenda. This will then bring you to your dashboard and you will have successfully singed into your account!

Customizing your Account

Aravenda Consignment Software offers many different features to customize your account and your store settings to make sure everything that you want your store to be is to your liking. 

Profile Settings

The profile settings are where you change your information about your main account (or your House Account) in Aravenda. If you want to change any information regarding your email, phone number, address, etc. this is where you can do that. 

Store Settings

This section is where you can manage your online store, and customize the following subsections to be how you would like them to be; 
  1. Price Settings
    1. Change your Markdown/Aging settings to reflect how they are implemented in your store
      1. At the top, press the Create New Aging button 
      2. Enter the Respected Start/End Day Ranges for the duration of time required for an item to be listed in the store for the markdown to take effect.
      3. Enter the Discount % for the markdown - Or you can check 'Out of Stock' if that is when you want an item to be listed as expired after a certain time.
      4. After everything has be entered, press Save Changes and that Markdown will be implemented for your store.
      5. You can also edit your markdowns with the 'paper and pencil' icon on the far right of the markdown, or you can delete them with the 'trash can' icon. 
    2. Restricted Price: Specifies the lowest price an item can be when discounts are applied. This is the minimum amount you would want your items to be sold for in contrast with your markdowns.
    3. Fee Settings: Used to put a fee on any incoming batch that has more than 10% of items that are unsellable due to issues with the item in that batch. This fee is a debit against the consignors’ account. 
  2. Disbursement Settings 
    1. The disbursement settings will allow you to change what the default disbursement between you and your consignors are. Simply input the percentage that your usual Consignor/Consignee split is and it will be implemented for all of your consignors that are in your system. 
    2. Another method that is able is the 'Is Enabled' function. When unchecked, you have the option to implement Consignor/Consignee Splits based on the price for what the item was sold for.
    3. Sales Channel Fee: This fee is to cover any costs that is required to sell your items on different sales channels such as; Facebook Marketplace, Google, eBay, etc.
  3. Company Info
    1. This section is all relevant information regarding your Point of Sale storefront, if anything regarding it needs to be changed, you can do so here.
  4. Shopify Settings
    1. With Aravenda, you will have the ability to connect your account to your own Shopify site. You can verify that your Shopify store is verified and connected here. If so, you can start inputting items into Aravenda and have them pushed to your Shopify store. 
  5. PayPal Settings
    1. Paying your consignors their money has never been easier, with the PayPal settings within your account you can input your PayPal credentials and pay your consignors through your PayPal account. It makes it quick and easy to make sure everyone gets their money in a timely fashion.
  6. FedEx Settings
    1. If you have consignors from out of the area, inputting your FedEx information and having consignors print out a label can result in more business for you and your consignors!
  7. Email Settings
    1. You can customize your display name for any emails you send to potential consignors and employees here. 
    2. We recommend you input your store name so people know who the email is coming from!
  8. Theme Settings
    1. These setting will change your color appearance for your Aravenda site. 
    2. The Primary and Secondary colors will allow you to choose which hexadecimal color you would like your text colors to be and button colors to be. You also have the option to use the color slider if you would like to. 
    3. You can also implement your logo which will appear in the top left of the page.

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