How to Add Variants

How to Add Variants

Variant: A variant is … 

When this option is checked, you will be able to specify variant information. The variant options are as follows:
Condition: Specifies what the quality of the item is with the options being; Used, Brand new-with tags, and Brand new no tags.
Size: Highlights the Size of the item, this field can have numerical characters as well as alphabetical to allow you to specify how you want your sizes to show up in your store. 
Color: Shows the color of the item that you’re listing. 
Quantity: This is the amount of how many pieces of this variant you have. 
Price: If you have a specific price you’d like to set for the variant, you can include that here. If you’d like to keep it the same as you put it in the first price field, simply enter in the original value you put in the first price field. 
Location: If you have multiple locations and you would like to specify which one it is at.

You can have multiple variants of the same item if the item has a different condition, size, color, quantity, price, or location. 
*This will eliminate having to create an entirely new listing for each item by only entering how each variant differs.

If you uncheck the “Include variants on all items” checkbox, this will remove the variant capability which will not allow you to add additional variants. You will only be prompted to enter the quantity of the item, however, if you’d prefer to not track the quantity of the item you can uncheck the track quantity checkbox. 
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